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Tr Geg 15 2013, 10:30
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Užsiregistravęs dalyvis #4
Prisijungta: Pr Vas 11 2008, 09:16
Vieta: Kaunas
Pranešimų: 1346
Gavau stai toki laiskeli is Svedijos, tagi dalimuosi su jumis sia informacija:
Vgc Lithuenia

Hello Benvenutas

I have an offer for You

Take over my Muccha Std. SE_SZI wich is in good condition and have no accident and
Stored dry.
All paper and is still on Swedish Register.
• Reason for departing with my glider is: I was in process to get it back to flying
• Condition but: One not so clever guy, an ultralight gyrocopter pilot, cleared my
• workbench I used for my drawings-workdescriptions screws nuts and other
• small peaces for the pedalassembly and the wires for,towing and winchstarts
• and dump all
2. I have problems with my back, Spinal Stenosis.
3. I want a good home for my glider. I have a good time in Lithuania at the VGC
Rally from the gliding movement and all of the other friendly people.
4. I also have an open boogietrailer for the glider.
5. The Mucha is an SZD-22c built 1962 in Krosno with serial no: 768 and with an
flying time off 1225 hours and never winchlaunched.

Are You realy interested of the offer? I am prepaired to sell both together for
Symbolic Money.

VGC Council Member

Ingvar Hyllander
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